Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Gold will drop to WHAT??

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Dear Reader,

Harry Dent here.

I’ve been watching recently as the colossal financial bubble we’re living in stretches closer and closer to its breaking point.

When this thing pops... soon, and very soon... it’s not only going to take down the entire stock market – it’ll absolutely crush many of your other assets, too.

Including GOLD.

I hear from readers every day that they’ve moved their money into gold to prepare for the coming crash. That’s when I’m forced to give them the harsh truth – gold will NOT protect your money.

In fact, owning gold during this crisis will only LOSE you MORE money!

My opinion is the polar opposite of what a lot of “experts” will tell you – but I’ve got the facts and the research to back it up.

You won’t believe what I see gold prices dropping to... until you see the proof!

You can read all about it... as well as what you should be doing with your hard-earned money instead – right here.

But please hurry.


Harry Dent
Founder, Dent Research

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